Beastie Brrr: LA Zoo Snow Days

The Sumatran tiger and American black bear will frolic in the frosty stuff.

Roll out a large ball made of snow, then a medium-sized one, and then a ball of snow about the size of a human head. Add a carrot and some coal and what do you have? No spoiler alert needed: You've got the quintessential snowman.

But rarer is the snow figure that pays homage to a tiger or bear or other beastie. And while we people like to make snow creations in our own images, there are plenty of creatures who enjoy playing in the white stuff as much as we do.

And a couple of them shall, at the Los Angeles Zoo, on Saturday, Feb. 22 and Sunday, Feb. 23. That's when Snow Days shall fall, flurry-like, over the zoo, meaning sledding and icy high jinks for the humans and snow for the Sumatran tiger and American black bear.

Will the big cat stick a tentative paw into the cold ground covering at first, like our own house cats do? It's a pretty charming sight, seeing an animal take to the snow with a slow gait and then, later, roll around in it, like they live in the snow every day.

And, as mentioned, there shall be human-snow interaction, just not in the tiger or bear areas (of course). Sleds will be provided, so don't show with your own, but do show with some winter wear.

You have a stocking cap and gloves, right? Sometimes an Angeleno has to go digging in the bottom drawer.

The LA Zoo's Snow Days are free to enjoy with admission. And if you haven't gotten your snow on yet, figure this is your chance. Rumor has it winter is waning.

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