Best Prep for the All-You-Can-Carry Pumpkin Patch

It's popping up at the Santa Monica Farmers Market on the day before Halloween.

What to Know

  • Wednesday, Oct. 30
  • 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
  • $5 "for all the orange orbs you can manage at one time!"

How does one best prepare when the opportunity to hold several pumpkins, all at once, presents itself?

Do you see how many basketballs you can carry? Or maybe bowling balls, even? Or do you work with smaller, circular items around the house, say like tennis balls or even dog toys?

We'll leave the advance work up to you and your best judgment.

However you choose to get yourself in the zone, though, you should get there soon, for the All You Can Carry Pumpkin Patch is happening on the day before Halloween.

The place? The Santa Monica Farmers Market. The time? Arrive between 8:30 a.m. and 1:30 in the early afternoon.

The mission? To stroll out with a big bundle o' pumpkins in your arms, as many as you can hold, without dropping any on your way out the exit.

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The price? It's five bucks, and that's a flat price, meaning you can walk out with one pumpkin, or fifteen, for a fiver. 

But walk out, you must, with all of the pumpkins you want. No going back, for second round, unless you pay up again.

Costumes are encouraged at the Wednesday, Oct. 30 event, which will take place at the intersection of Arizona Avenue and 2nd Street.

So, how will you practice for this pumpkin-amazing pop-up?

Will you meditate on the topic, or read up on other pumpkin-gathering pros? Will you commit to a regimen of calisthenics now, if you are eager to see how many gourds you can bobble in one go? 

Oops, did we say "bobble" there? Our mistake, surely.

We know you'll ferry out your stack o' squashes in a stable and easy manner. Surely no pumpkins will meet the pavement, and they'll slide into your car trunk without incident, and you'll happily find your way home with enough autumnal orbs to festively fill the front porch on Halloween night.

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