Beverly Garland Day: NoHo Tradition

Raise a martini to the legendary hotelier and actress at The Garland.

Beverly Garland

Beloved performers, the sort of esteemed artists who win lifelong fans with their talent, their charity, their smarts, and their grace?

Hundreds, if not thousands, have called Southern California home over the last dozen or so decades, and just about every movie or television maven can name at least a handful of actors who've meant a lot to them over the years.

But Beverly Garland holds a very special place in the pantheon of Los Angeles-based luminaries, for multiple reasons.

Ms. Garland, who passed away in 2008, remains a performer much-adored by lovers of science fiction, '50s gems, and B movies, thanks to her fabulous turns in flicks like "It Conquered the World." And fans of the small screen remember her well in "My Three Sons," as well as other classic series.

And as for a certain hotel named The Garland at 4222 Vineland Avenue in North Hollywood? Ms. Garland's star power, and business acumen, continues to give the inn she helped to helm a certain Tinseltown-esque sheen that few other stay-over spots have achieved.

Oct. 17 was the day Beverly Garland was born, and fans pause to remember the hotelier and actress on her birthday with film screenings and/or a visit to The Garland, which traditionally honors its namesake with a martini and hamburger special as part of Beverly Garland Day.

That was the great lady's favorite meal, her go-to treat, and The Front Yard, the restaurant at The Garland, will offer it for $19 on Tuesday, Oct. 17.

The on-site, 130-seat Beverly Garland Theatre will also have a movie marathon on Oct. 17, and The Store, the hotel's "signature, locally curated" gift shop, will have a sale on throughout the day (think 25% off on all merchandise).

Cheers to Beverly Garland, a performer who made an impression on not one but two screens, silver and small both, and whose vivacious legacy lives on on Vineland Avenue in North Hollywood.

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