Bib-up for LBC's Butteriest Bash, the Original Lobster Fest

It's a sign of autumn 'round Southern California, one that has more lemons than leaves.

What to Know

  • Rainbow Lagoon
  • Sept. 6-8
  • $13 one-day admission (lobster/food additional)

Fall, specifically the season's foliage-fabulous element, doesn't quite arrive in Southern California before Halloween, at least around the lowlands.

Sometimes Thanksgiving is its doorway, even, much to the impatient frustation of local leaf peepers.

But a strong sign of fall, at least on the foodie festival scene?

It has to be the lobster festival. And while our region isn't home to the plethora of parties that pop up around New England, it does have its late-summer shindigs, the ones involving melted butter and squeezy lemons and, of course, plastic neck couture that keeps the whole feast off your front.

Of course we're talking about bibs here, in an overly fancy style, but why wouldn't we get a bit fancy when Long Beach's own Original Lobster Festival is soon to snap its party-ready pincers? 

That's all happening over the weekend following Labor Day at Rainbow Lagoon, and there are three days to choose from, if you really need to get your butter on.

And, of course, your cole slaw, and your watermelon, and your dinner roll, and your "fresh cut" lemons, too, plus a lobster, or a jumbo lobster, which clocks in at around two point five pounds, oh goodness.

If either appeals, you'll want to go with a feast ticket, and there are options, like feast tickets bundled with your admission (or a la carte choices, too).

Live tunes, a reptile exhibit, and the chance to snap a photo with a lobster mascot are also weaving through the long weekend.

Well, it isn't actually and officially a long weekend, holiday-wise, but the Original Lobster Festival does begin on Sept. 6, a Friday, and it snaps, snaps, snaps its pincers through both Saturday and Sunday.

If you want to meet the mascot, he's there during certain hours, so peruse the site as carefully as you tie on a plastic bib.


They're on sale now, snap snap. It's not fall yet, and the tree-based signs of fall are still a couple of months out, but this Septembertime tempter is back with its butter dipping sauce, its live tunes, and its promise that autumn is almost here.

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