Bite into a Delish Birthday Deal for Cole's 110th

It also happens to be National French Dip Day, too, which is apt (and appetizing).

What to Know

  • Monday, Nov. 12
  • DTLA
  • $10 French Dip + martini special

Been eating at Cole's, Originators of the French Dip, since the day it opened?

Well, then... You've got a century and a decade behind you, a magnificent milestone occasionally and remarkably claimed by an especially hale human.

If so, cheers to you, dear inspiring person.

But perhaps you've made up for the fact that you weren't actually at the opening day of the iconic DTLA restaurant, way back in 1908, by visiting it dozens of times, maybe even 110 times, over the years, all to dip, dip, dip those famous, meat-laden, savory-as-savory-gets sandwiches.

If so, chances are as good as mustard is tangy that you'll be at 118 E. 6th Street on Monday, Nov. 12, inside the cozy venue that boasts that bright blue neon sign, enjoying a French Dip, and a martini, too, all to celebrate the 110th birthday of Cole's.

Nov. 12 is also National French Dip Day, which you surely have marked on every calendar around the house.

As for the birthday deal that fans can nab?

Check it out: A tenner will score you a classic Cole's French Dip plus a Mulholland Distilling martini. That's right: Ten bucks, plus tip, is the sweet song you'll be singing.

Cole's as become a go-to for cocktails, too, over the years, making the addition of the spirited sip to the special meal particularly apt.

Doors? Those open at 12 p.m., on the 12th, making this one easy to remember.

But then, maybe you never forget, when it comes to Cole's? Like we postulated, perhaps you've eaten there 110 times, or more, over your lifetime?

Your lifetime didn't need to begin in 1908, or even 1978 or '88, to have hit such a meaty milestone.

For more details on the birthday bash, the deal, and the ever-colorful Cole's, click.

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