Black Tap Now Milkshaking Up Downtown Disney

And, yes, burgering up, too. Yum.

What to Know

  • Anaheim
  • Downtown Disney District
  • CrazyShakes, Idaho fries, burgers, dipping sauces

There's shaking things up, which may entail making fresh choices, taking risks, and going the distance with every decision you have to confront.

Then there's milkshaking things up, which will probably entail you going to a place that's famous for its creamy concoctions, and ordering one that includes flavors you like, and sipping it at leisure, and then paying for it.

Of course, "milkshaking things up" doesn't always have to precede "shaking things up," but if you have time to savor a glass of flavorful bliss, you may find yourself in a better state of mind to take on those aforementioned decisions.

Enter Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer, the NYC-started super-buzz-buzz eatery that's as well-known for its whimsical shakes as it is for savory patties and sudsy brews.

Prior to the final weekend of April 2019, a milkshake-loving burger-craver based in Southern California would have had to journey to the Las Vegas, the nearest Black Tap, to chow down and sip big at the restaurant, but that all changed on April 27, when Black Tap finally debuted at Downtown Disney District in Anaheim.

We say "finally" because fans of frosty treats had been awaiting this opening for several months. An opening that would, yes, milkshake things up.

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By the by, there are Classic Shakes on the Black Tap menu, and there are CrazyShakes, which are as 'grammable as goodies come.

Which means, yes, they'll be piled high with cotton candy or peanut butter cups or crumbled cookies or other picture-worthy yum-yums.

Yes, we said "yum-yums." Don't try and claim you won't use such terminology, too, when faced with such a fanciful, stuff-topped sweet.

The savory fare on the menu includes The Californian burger (it's turkey, topped with avocado, Swiss cheese, and truffle mayonnaise) and Idaho fries with an impressive roster of dipping sauces, if you're so tempted.

Facing an afternoon riding rides, waving at characters, dancing to parades, and doing it all over again?

Better milkshake things up, and burger 'em up, too, at the new Black Tap at Downtown Disney District.

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