Blitzen's, the Pop-up Holiday Bar, Returns to the Arts District

Festive foodstuffs, quirky cocktails, and lots of tinsel: It's Here and Now's cool and kitschy spin on the season.


What to Know

  • Blitzen's, a pop-up holiday bar, opens on Tuesday, Nov. 22; Tuesdays- Sundays through Jan. 1, 2023
  • Here and Now, 300 S. Santa Fe Ave.
  • Latkes, tamales, and specialty cocktails with seasonal flair

Red sprinkles, green candies, and all sorts of snowy sugars can do plenty to add cheer to a particular drink, dinner, or dessert, but quite often we just don't have the time to make these merry offerings at home.

We're rushing about, hither, yon, and just about everywhere else, all to get the things done that need doing, the purchasing of presents, the addressing of cards, and the reconnecting with people that we vowed we'd reconnect with earlier in the year.

That's one reason that a seasonal pop-up, the kind that creates shimmery sips and yuletide yums, is so welcome as December draws near.

And in recent years, one of the mainstays in this category has returned, time after treat-filled time, to Here and Now.

Now the Arts District bar is ready to welcome Blitzen's back yet again, for another round of tinselly decorations, potent and pretty cocktails, and tantalizing spins on traditional holiday dishes.

And unlike many temporarily holiday-themed experiences, this panache-filled pop-up is putting the cheer in high gear early, with an opening scheduled for Nov. 22 (which means that, yes, it will be welcoming guests on Thanksgiving Wednesday, one of the busiest nights of the year for celebratory hangouts).

Live caroling, drag queen bingo, and a host of holiday-inspired events are on the calendar.

It's all jingle-lingle-ing through to Jan. 1, though Mondays? They're closed. Making your reservation ahead of time?

That's an idea that's as solid as tinsel is shiny.

Checking out some of the choice offerings below? We encourage you, most heartily, to do so now...

Pigs in a Blanket (Here and Now)
Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal (Here and Now)
Get Pie High
You'll Shoot Your Rye Out
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