Blu Jam Café to Open Downtown

The hearty breakfast-and-more go-to gets a Spring Arcade outpost.

There are those people who have a particular foodstuff they adore — avocados, strawberries, bacon — and there are those who favor a certain dish or entree.

But the eaters who list "breakfast" as the all-encompassing category to which they own their edible allegiance are maybe among the most serious of the whole bite-seeking bunch of us.

You can't talk a breakfast buff away from favoriting the morning meal, and when they suggest somewhere to dine out? You pay hungry heed.

Blu Jam Café has become such a spot in recent years, thanks to those fanciful spins on early-in-the-day staples, spins that very often hold a surprise addition or two. The Melrose location is often humming, as are the Sherman Oaks, Woodland Hills, and Tokyo Blu Jams, too.

Now the Brunch Burger (complete with chipotle aioli) and Brunch Carbonara (rice steps in for pasta) and the famous Crunchy French Toast (secret: cornflakes) will be headed downtown, to the Spring Arcade, when Blu Jam Café opens its next dig-in outpost.

The date of the debut? Tie on your napkin and think French toast-y thoughts: The latest spot to get your breakfast and lunch on, heartily and with flair, will open on June 6, 2017.

LAist reveals that owner Kamil Majer's next Blu Jam eatery will bow in the spot once occupied by BierBiesl.

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Before its early June downtown hello, let's also give a nod to the lunchy items on the Blu Jam Café menu, lest breakfast, with all of its infinite, cheesy, potato-yummy power, dominate.

Tempting midday offerings include turkey pistou, El Paso chicken, and a vegan tofu Reuben.

Will you forgo your obsession with breakfast, and toast, and eggs, and bacon, and French toast, crunchy or otherwise, to jump into a Blu Jam lunch?

Well, with all of the Blu Jams proliferating around town, with flavor and fill-the-tenacity, you can do the early meal at one place and pick up a sandwich, a few hours later, in a totally different area of SoCal.

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