Boat Trips to the Channel Islands Resume

Island Packers, the "authorized boat transportation concessionaire" to the park, has resumed services (with a few changes in place).

Visions of America/Joe Sohm

What to Know

  • Island Packers Cruises has resumed trips to three of the islands, leaving from Ventura Harbor Village and Oxnard Harbor
  • New safety policies are in place
  • California's stay home order remains in place

So you know your national parks trivia, through and through.

Which means that you're specifically up on the trivia that relates to the Golden State, and you know that there are nine national parks in California, and which park receives the most snow (Lassen Volcanic), and which park is the lowest, elevation-wise (Death Valley), and every other tidbit of interesting information.

So where does the Island Fox roam?

You didn't even pause, we know, before calling out "Channel Islands National Park."

For the water-adjacent wonderland of flora and fauna is famously home to the small mammal, as well as a host of fascinating species that can only be found on the chain of spectacular ocean outcroppings.

You surely also know that Island Packers Cruises, the "authorized boat transportation concessionaire" to the park, has long been the way that hikers and campers have reached Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa and Anacapa Islands.

The ferry company took a pause on trips during the pandemic closures, but trips to Channel Islands National Park are resuming, on a roll-out schedule, over the first week of June 2020.

There are a number of changes to keep in mind. The passenger loads will be held at 40% capacity, and all "(v)essels will be sanitized during stops and between runs."

Read through on all of the safety policies and new developments at the Island Packers site.

Keep in mind that California remains under a "stay home" order, and "non-essential travel for vacations or pleasure should be avoided." More information is available here.

While you wait and dream about future national park visits, you can read more about the majestic Channel Islands National Park, the Island Fox, the many animals that call it home, and the recreational activities that can be found at the truly remote and idyllic destination.

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