BoldPas Boasts Oodles of Outdoor Art

The free one-day happening returns to Old Pasadena; stroll and see nifty things.

What to Know

  • Saturday, May 12
  • Old Pasadena
  • Free

Not many of us are on the receiving end of sweetly sassy, oh-so-short-ified names, the sort of names that aren't really nicknames, per se, but rather a quicker route to conveying who or what we are.

Michael may be Mike, and Susan may be Sue, and Old Pasadena? If you've been around the historic, shop-laden district once or twice, you've likely heard "Old Pas" tossed about, with affection.

But on one day a year, Old Pas dons a different coat, one that's even more colorful than its typical art-forward nature, and fans of installations and over-sized pieces arrive to see a line-up of splendid sights, all for free.

It's called BoldPas: An Art Takeover. And, yes, BoldPas is a nickname of a nickname, and if you're rocking a nickname of a nickname, your level of cool-a-tude is unassailable.

And BoldPas is free, which only ups the general cool-a-tude, and it is set to happen over a lovely May Saturday: Saturday, May 12, to be specific.

What will you find and where will you find it and when should you look?

The "when" is easy, since you now have the date, but here are the hours: 12 p.m. to 8 that night. 

The "where" is a snap, since you'll only need wander about the alleys and byways of the very walkable area of Old Pas. It's both walkable and stop-and-hang-able, at the same time, to be truthful, which is another way of saying Old Pas is frankly pleasant.

The "what" involves "13 selected, large-scale installations" as well as "live painters, 30+ Merchant Art Stops, and art activities for all ages."

Seeking out that sunshiny pre-Mother's Day happening?

This could be it. And, if you always spend Father's Day Weekend at the Pasadena Chalk Festival, up Colorado Boulevard a few blocks, consider BoldPas the art-oriented bookend to that holiday affair.

Old Pas, BoldPas... How lucky to be bestowed with such catchy nicknames. Not everyone, or every place, is cool enough to rock the snappy shorthand, but Old Pasadena more than qualifies on that fab front.

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