Bonus Day: Annenberg Pool Open for Valentine's

February 14 and sunblock don't normally go together, but they will this year.

Valentine's Day, like all major holidays, comes with a few tested tropes, and a few trendy tropes-of-tomorrow, too. Chocolates are popular, of course, and roses, too, and the occasional stuffed animal, while more au courant gifts involving fancy pastries and liquors.

These are not typically gifts crafted for a heat wave, or warm weather. Candy can stickify and/or liquify, flowers prefer a mistier setting, and a teddy bear made for cuddling gets a mite warm.

What is made for a toasty day, however, is a swimming pool.

Attention: Everyone reading this post from a snowier clime are now advised to avert their eyes, if they so wish, while we wade into this next bit, which will involve SoCal sweethearts swimming on Valentine's Day.

It turns out that Saturday, Feb. 14, 2015 will flirt with the high 80s, which means that the ocean-snug Annenberg Community Beach House is throwing one of its surprise wintertime "Bonus Days" at its watering hole. The swimsuit-ready story? That pretty, and pretty famous, pool will be open for busy business on Valentine's Day due to the fine weather. 

Nope, you can't reserve your spot -- er, if swimming pools even had actual spots to reserve, which might be hard to measure -- but you can be in Santa Monica at 9:30 a.m. to nab the passes when they go on sale. First come, first served is the rule, and if you're buying for you and your honey, arriving early will keep any disappointed squabbling to a minimum.

Passes are ten dollars per person.

And we shouldn't worry, right? Why would you squabble when you're at a sunny spot that's technically closed from October to May, on a warm February day, a day when many many many people are scrambling to find the perfect date possiblity? It's hard to surpass a cooling swim or the applying of sunblock to a sweetheart's shoulders.

Okay, everyone in snowier climes, please feel free to re-join this post again. Happy Valentine's Day to all, wherever you are, and, truly, teddy bears, chocolates, and roses are classics for a reason. Just keep them indoors, out of the sun, and enjoy them when you get home from your refreshing, 80-degree-day swim.

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