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Boo at the Zoo's Trick-or-Treating Is Meer Days Away

The Los Angeles Zoo's October extravaganza is entering its final two weekends, which means that the costume-cool fun is kicking off.

Jamie Pham

What to Know

  • Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens
  • Boo at the Zoo roars through Oct. 31; trick-or-treating is scheduled for Oct. 23 and 24, as well as Oct. 30 and 31, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Other happenings, like pumpkin treats for the animals and educational shows, are part of the fun; "Boo" to-dos are included with zoo admission

What do elephants, tortoises, and humans all have in common?

Well, the correct answer is "oodles," for we're all earthlings, and finding plenty of comity and cross-over isn't too difficult a task.

But we also all love pumpkins, it's true. And sometimes, if you're an elephant or a tortoise? You like to gnaw on a whole pumpkin, goopy guts and all, to the utter delight of human onlookers.

Humans, though, will sometimes carry plastic pumpkins, or bags emblazoned with pumpkin-cute images, in order to gather goodies. And plenty of children will be doing just that, as Boo at the Zoo kicks off two weekends of trick-or-treat fun.

The annual, October-long event opened at the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens on the first day of the month, with a concluding date set for Halloween.

And while there is so much to see and do every day, from creepy critter happenings to fun photo opportunities, it is the final two weekends of October that will really be in the snacky spotlight.

For that's when trick-or-treating begins at the Griffith Park destination, giving youngsters the chance to both rock a costume and collect some sweets along the way.

99 Cents Only Stores, a Boo at the Zoo sponsor, is providing the treat bags.

Jamie Pham

Of course, other eerie activities will still be happening on Oct. 23, 24, 30, and 31, in addition to the 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. trick-or-treating, so look for Creepy Crafts, a "Spooktacular Science" Show, and "AbracaZoo!," a way-cool magic presentation.

And, you bet: Pumpkins shall be gnawed, rolled around, smelled, and carried in various mouths, because several of the zoo residents do love to nosh upon a yummy gourd or two.

There are several upcoming feedings happening over the final two weekends of October, with howler monkeys enjoying a seasonal feast on Oct. 24 and peccaries digging into pumpkin deliciousness on Oct. 30.

Just check the times of each feeding before you go.

Extra sweet, as sweet as a mushy pumpkin that is majorly nom-tastic, at least if you're a squash-obsessed critter?

Boo at the Zoo activities are included with zoo admission, or if you're a GLAZA member.

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