Book a Date With the Free LitFest Pasadena

The event, which formerly took place over a weekend, will now unfurl over two event-packed weeks.

LitFest Pasadena

Spring is the ultimate opening-up season, the throwing-wide-est time of year, and we can take more than a bit of life inspiration from the way flower petals unfurl and trees burst with new leaves.

It isn't too much of a plot twist to relate this time of extreme openness to books, and how opening a fresh story can open various doors in our minds and hearts. For tales, both timeless and brand-new, have long served as bridges for readers, fascinating routes to knowing unknown places, people, and ideas.

Perhaps this is one reason that so many great book bashes, like LitFest Pasadena, also open their proverbial petals in the springtime. And those particular petals, or pages, rather, will soon flutter again, starting on April 30, 2022.

But unlike past LitFest happenings, this outing is expanded, and will take place over two event-filled weeks.

Or perhaps take "places" is more apt: Authors, readers, and word mavens will make for a host of spots around the Crown City and beyond, including Vroman's Bookstore, Mountain View Mausoleum in Altadena, Red Hen Press, and several other locations that boast a lovely literary vibe.

And that vibe extends to the vibrant line-up of participants. As with past LitFests, the 2022 happening will draw "... acclaimed authors and new voices together to engage in a variety of powerful and inspiring literary and social conversations."

Readings and workshops are on the diverse schedule, and a host of genres will take turns in the scintillating spotlight, with true crime, mystery, and other engaging categories having their major moments.

Registering? There's no need to book your place at any of the in-person or virtual events ahead of time.

The cost to attend? LitFest Pasadena is free, sweet.

As with all large-scale literary events, perusing the roster of authors is a recommended and satisfying course of action before choosing what you'd like to see.

Turn the page now, and open to a new season, new possibilities, and a longtime favorite, LitFest Pasadena, in its longer, bigger, idea-ier, all-over-ier, and even more awesome format.

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