Book Your Huntington Ticket When Tuesday Arrives

The outdoor areas of the San Marino spread are open, but you'll need to make your reservation ahead of time.


What to Know

  • Tickets are released for the following seven days at noon on Tuesday
  • On July 7, you can book your visit for July 8-14
  • $25 adult weekday, $29 adult weekend day

Tuesdays have quite the solid reputation and high standing in our hearts, it's true.

A Tuesday is not a Monday, for one, and when we reach the second day of the week, it can feel a bit like a victory. We're still on the upslope of the hump, but nearer the top.

Taco Tuesdays are a flavorful phenomenon, and you don't have to look too far to score a pair of your favorite spicy shells. Again, yay Tuesday.

And at The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens?

Tuesdays have a special meaning in the summer of 2020: That's when you'll book your ticket, for the coming seven days, should you want to call upon the spectacular San Marino spread.

It's a spread that is welcoming guests with a host of safety policies in place, including the necessity of symptom screening, face coverings, and physical distancing.

Visitor capacity is also limited.

The indoor galleries are not open, but you are free to stroll the extremely expansive property, which stands at over 200 acres.

Those acres are in full, July-style burst, with succulents, roses, bougainvillea, and oleander all showing off their fancy flowers.

So what's the deal with Tuesdays and The Huntington, at least during the coronavirus response?

That's when you'll want to book your visit. Tickets are released at noon on Tuesdays, which means that on July 7, at noon, you'll be able to secure your Huntington stop-by, if you plan to call upon the destination from July 8 through 14, 2020.

Only advance reservations are accepted right now, so please don't simply drop by. Planning ahead is as important to your Huntington outing as nutrient-rich soil is to a rose bush.

An adult ticket is $25 on a weekday and $29 on a weekend day.

The Huntington reopened, following a months-long pandemic closure, to members on June 17 and the general public on July 1.

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