At-Home Fun

Borrow From Hundreds of Board Games at Game Häus Café

Join the Glendale-based venue's subscription service and enjoy over 1,500 board and card games at home.


What to Know

  • Game Häus Café is temporarily closed to in-person visits
  • The café's subscription service is $30 per month; Saturday sweets are available for order, too
  • 1,500+ board and card games are available

You've passed Go, you've knocked over your share of knights, and sliding along various chutes? You're an absolutely pro.

You, dear game maven, have ruled just about every space-filled, piece-laden, card-stacked board you've sat next to, and while you adore the classic games you so easily excel at (or at least heartily enjoy), you and the family are ready for fresh challenges.

A bastion of board games on Brand Boulevard has just the ticket if you're looking to try out Ticket to Ride, or Mysterium Park, or Viscounts of the West Kingdom, or an eerie board-based experience inspired by "The Shining."

There's no need to go back two spaces or draw a card; you'll just need to sign up for Game Häus Café's game subscription service if you'd like to borrow a board or card game for at-home play.

There are over 1,500 to choose from, from tried-and-true favorites to the newer offerings.

As for how long you can hold onto a borrowed game, or games, rather, as you are welcome to enjoy two at a time?

Fourteen days is the max, which will give you and the kids a few days to replay it, and replay it again, should everyone want to try and be the victor.

Founded by game devotees Rob Cron and Terry Chiu, the café has become a hub of spirited and friendly gatherings over the last few years, and a place to savor some boardside snacking while you await your turn with the dice.

But here is something sweet, literally, if the idea of munching on something while you ponder your next move is an integral part of time spent alongside a colorful board: Game Häus Café has pies and cookies each Saturday, with flavors running the gamer-pleasing gamut.

You won't eat them at the hangout out, of course, but you can whisk your Crumb Top Apple home, along with whatever game you've requested that week.

As with any subscription service, you'll want to review the FAQ and all of the must-knows.

And good to know? The recently launched subscription service is getting some well-deserved love, from local-loving powerhouses like Hidden LA, so if the game you want is checked out, you should have a few back-up requests ready to roll.

But who knows? Will you and your game-mad progeny discover a couple of dice-cool, story-rich adventures that really have your number?

Your next strategic move is simple: Sign up with Game Häus Café and borrow a bevy of terrific table-toppers, games that are full of colorful pieces, terrific tales, and opportunities to spend some fun and competitively friendly family time together.

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