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Bowers Bazaar: Finds Galore Go on Sale at the OC Museum

Look for artworks, catalogs from past exhibitions, and fascinating objects at this one-day-only sale in Santa Ana.

Mitch Diamond

What to Know

  • Saturday, Aug. 14 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Look for "one-of-a-kind objects," artworks, more
  • Free

We can take so much home from a memorable museum encounter, from new ideas, to fresh notions, to a deeper understanding of the world.

And, yes, occasionally we depart an art or cultural institution with a keychain, some postcards, a scarf, or a toy that pays homage to one of the paintings or sculptures we enjoyed.

Museum stores are an integral part of such mind-broadening, imagination-deepening destinations, for not only do they brim with beautiful objects that can extend the experience for the museum-goer, but they contribute funds to the venue and its programs.

One spot that more than brims with beautiful items, cool finds, exquisite artworks, and eye-catching jewelry, too? It's The Gallery Store at the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana.

And while you can shop whenever you stop by the museum, which is one of Orange County's oldest centers of cultural discovery and wonder, you can connect with a plethora of pretty pieces at its big Summer Sale Bazaar.

That's happening on Saturday, Aug. 14 over five find-filled hours. Well, make that six: If you're a member, you can shop an hour early, starting at 10 a.m., while the public is welcome to enter at 11 o'clock.

Look for sales on "handmade furniture, collection-inspired artwork, catalogs, unique gifts, and more," plus catalogs from past exhibitions at the Santa Ana nexus of art, ideas, and history.

The bazaar has no entry fee, but, of course, come ready with funds if you find a purchase you'd love to have.

Eager to see some of the items that are in the store now, just to get a sense of what might be on the sale tables come Aug. 14?

Not everything you see on the site will be for sale, but rather a selection of goods. Still, this is a pleasant way to take in a fuller sweep of what The Gallery Store offers.

Best of all, anything you buy at the Summer Sale Bazaar will in turn help fund the museum's educational programs.

Call it a loop of the most loving and lively sort: You find an item you adore, the funds you spend help the museum, and the museum continues to help the community.

For more on the one-day-only event, visit the site now.

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