Boysenberries Are Bursting at This Moorpark Farm

How sweet are you on this SoCal superstar? Make for Underwood Family Farms to gather a bundle of beautiful berries (and other goodies, too).

Patrik Stedrak

What to Know

  • Underwood Family Farms in Moorpark
  • Weekend admission is $8; boysenberries are $3.29 a pound
  • Several other PYO berries and flowers are available, including zinnias

We're Knott's going to quibble with you here, if there is a particular place you like to go for all of your purple-juicy, pie-dribbly, boysenberry-based pleasures.

Because in our fruitful region, you can't spell "Buena Park" without a "B," which just happens to be the first letter of a legendary fruit beloved by generations of Southern Californians.

But if you're not seeking a classic Knott's Berry Farm boysenberry pie, or boysenberry jam, or boysenberry syrup, but rather straight-off-the-vine goodies, you can find those, too, by making for a place that's not in Orange County but rather Ventura County.

It's Underwood Family Farms in Moorpark, a place that is known for a plethora of pick-your-own offerings. Those offerings can and do change, each and every season, and sometimes every few weeks, too, depending upon what fruits and vegetables grow well.

Joyful news: June is one of the juiciest months at this field-laden wonderland of produce, for boysenberries are in season and olallieberries, too.

You'll pay an entry to Underwood, which is a bit higher on the weekends. And do note that every pick-your-own item has its price-per-pound listed on this page.

Oh yes, or price-per-stem; those zingy zinnias are currently unfolding in their fabulous flowery fashion, if you'd like to add a centerpiece to your dining table.

Could you create a zinnia bouquet to admire while you dine upon your freshly picked boysenberries?

We'll leave that delectable decision to you, but it sounds pretty sound to us. Call it a fine way to send spring out the door and embrace the start of summer, which begins, on the books, on June 20.

Good to ponder if you're partial to the blueberries and raspberries? You can find those popular berries available for picking at the Somis location, which is about 15 minutes from the Underwood Family Farms in Moorpark.

Do remember, if you're hoping to make a day of it with your berry-obsessed youngsters, that the Animal Center at the Moorpark farm is open.

All of those springtime farm babies are growing bigger by the day, including these cute kids.

More sweet news? Underwood Family Farms just announced that birthday parties on the farm are back, should you be seeking an airy, animal-adjacent celebration for your own kid.

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