Knott’s Berry Farm

Boysenberry Fans, Knott's Has a New ‘Picnic In-A-Box'

Fest-it-up, wherever you like, with Knott's Berry Farm's fruit-fantastic package of purple delights.

Knott's Berry Farm

What to Know

  • Available for $49.99 via the Knott's Berry Farm Marketplace in Buena Park; shipping or curbside pick-up
  • Boysenberry tea, boysenberry cranberry relish, boysenberry vinaigrette dressing, more
  • Knott's Berry Farm is temporarily closed, but the Taste of Boysenberry Festival runs on select dates from March 5-May 2 (rides will remain temporarily closed)

A certain juice-joyful berry is so synonymous with a certain Buena Park theme park that the notion of enjoying it anywhere else can cause a moment of berry-based befuddlement.

In fact, fruit-seeking boysenbuffs can grow so accustomed to enjoying purple-tastic tastes in the vicinity of a Knott's Berry Farm roller coaster, attraction, or the park's world-famous Ghost Town that the mere sight of any of those things can instantly summon a boysenberry flavor to mind.

But now fans can take this superstar berry further afield, and we do literally mean "afield," thanks to the fact that a picnic is potentially involved.

For there's a new Picnic In-A-Box available through the Knott's Berry Farm Marketplace, a purply package of boysenberry delights.

The serene scene set by the Knott's site, all to paint a perfectly picnicky picture?

"A picnic is a perfect way to celebrate spring, and Knott's Boysenberry Festival Picnic In-A-Box commemorates this with favorites from our farm."

"As you spread out the blanket and set out the goodies, it harkens back to Knott's early days when families would have picnics under the trees in the park."

Included in the boysen-bright line-up?

An embroidered blanket, one that pays colorful tribute the theme park's annual boysenberry bash, as well as Boysenberry Chocolate Punch, jams, cookies, a vinaigrette dressing, and more appetizing offerings.

The park's Taste of Boysenberry Festival opens on March 5, but if you prefer to go afield, to an actual field, or grassy hill, or your own backyard, to hold your own personal boysenberry festival, consider this Picnic In-A-Box as a sweet starter kit.

Details on ordering? Yum and yum: They're all right here.

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