Brave the Tam's Halloween Live Ghostly Dinner

Seeking a spirited supper on the night devoted to phantoms and fun? The historic eatery is the place to be.

What to Know

  • Thursday, Oct. 31
  • $89 adult, $59 child
  • Three-course feast includes Lawry's prime rib (or other options)

With its ye olde charms, wayback atmosphere, and tartan-tastic vibes, the Tam O'Shanter restaurant can seem, well, a little haunted throughout the year.

It does, after all, play poetic host to the annual Robert Burns birthday celebrations each January. And come the yuletide, "A Christmas Carol" make a Scrooge-y cameo, thanks to a live theatrical presentation, as do Victorian carolers.

Fold those elements into the historic eatery's snug, nook-filled style and you have a storybook location that's ripe for a little spirited high jinks.

And those high jinks will shine, or rather flicker, on Thursday, Oct. 31, when the Halloween Live Ghostly Dinner floats into the Atwater Village landmark's cozy confines.

The supper not only includes a three-course meal, but an "interactive murder mystery," lending some dramatics to the dining.

Whodunit? Hope you have a few companions nearby who prove to be pretty solid gumshoes, and that you keep a keen eye on Herr Frankenstein.

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Costumes, dear friends, are both encouraged and most welcome.

As for the eating end of the affair, there shall be Lawry's prime rib, as a choice, if that's your pleasure, and English trifle, too.

Deviled eggs will also be part of the palate-pleasing spread, as befits the chilling occasion.

It's a Halloween happening, but one that involves sitting down, raising a glass, and savoring the spooky evening in an elegant and storied building, one that looks, yes, as though it could appear on the cover of a mystery novel.

So is it sedate? Au contraire. When a murder mystery must be untangled, keeping one's senses as sharp as an English trifle is sweet is of paramount importance.

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