Bready Holiday Bliss Blossoming Around Town

Fun breads are "on the rise" at a trio of Southern California bakeries.

Milk Bar/La Brea Bakery/Pitchoun!

What to Know

  • Milk Bar's Thanksgiving Croissant
  • La Brea Bakery's White Chocolate Cranberry Loaf
  • The Churro Croissant at Pitchoun!

Bread never seems to show its weariness with we humans, though our affection for bread-based puns is ever on the rise.

No amount of dough can stop a punster from buttering up a listener with all manner of corny punnery, and, any way you slice it, bread will forever be our favorite topic when we're just loafing around.

But to say that November is the month when our carb-luscious, tum-filling favorite is, well, truly on the rise requires no punning about at all: It's the truth. For a lot of bakeries are looking to Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas for inspiration to flour.

Er, flower.

So many great breads are now baking around town, but check out a trio of temptations as we, um, toast the most grateful day of the year.

Milk Bar... has a croissant stuffed with all manner of Thanksgiving-y goodness, including tart cranberries. If you ever wondered if a croissant could stand in for the bread in a turkey sandwich, and make the whole shebang sing, wonder no longer: It can, and it is available now, under the easy-to-remember name Thanksgiving Croissant.

La Brea Bakery... is, as is tasty tradition, baking up a whole slice-ready slew of breads that are both traditional and perfect for holiday get-togethers. And from that last category? A tried-and-true "fan favorite" has recently returned, just in time for the season: Hello White Chocolate Cranberry Loaf. 

Pitchoun!... has cleverly fashioned a croissant that's also a churro. Or is it a churro that's also a croissant? Either way, expect flake-a-tude, expect layers of delicious doughness, and vanilla custard cream, too (as well as sprinkled cinnamon sugar to top it all off). Order up, through November, for the Churro Croissant.

Are we bun, er, done singing the praises of bread?

Never, but we'll pause here, so holiday bread buffs can get out there, and get snacking, before these seasonal treats are as gone as a particularly tempting heel, the one that's all crust.

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