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‘Breaking Bad' Restaurant: LA Pop-up

Los Pollos Hermanos, now of "Better Call Saul," will show up in the Arts District (for two days only).

When a pop culture maven tosses down the term "movie restaurant" or "TV eatery," they very often has to pause and clarify what exactly is meant.

For the specific categories, as far as those notions go, break down thusly: Restaurants where movie or TV stars are known to dine, restaurants that were seen on screen in a film or series, or fictionalized cafés that show up, in the real world, after starting on a screenwriter's page.

Finding a started-as-not-real, now-is-real restaurant, though, can be a tad tricky, and it's definitely more difficult than locating a dining room beloved by movie stars or an eatery that's doubled as something else on the big or small screen.

Of course, there's Springfield, inside Universal Studios Hollywood, which sports both a Moe's Tavern and a Krusty Burger (as seen on "The Simpsons").

And now, for two days only, and those days are Wednesday, March 29 and Thursday, March 30, Los Pollos Hermanos, from both "Breaking Bad" and "Better Call Saul," will magically appear, and prepare flavorful vittles for fans, in the Arts District.

This shouldn't surprise devotees of either AMC series, as a promo released in January doubled as a commercial for the on-screen family restaurant. And are real-world tees sporting the iconic birds of the business a thing among many fans? (Yes, they are.)

Update: Word on the street is that free curly fries are the handout of choice at the pop-up. Mmm. Curly fries.

"Breaking Bad" made its much-watched final bow in 2013, but "Better Call Saul" keeps on keepin' on, with a season 3 premiere just ahead on Monday, April 10.

Los Angeles isn't the first city to see a pop-up spotlighting the Albuquerque-based crime drama; Los Pollos Hermanos visited South by Southwest earlier in March, while a trip to New York follows Southern California, in April.

So how to reach Los Pollos Hermanos during its March 29 and 30 stay? There's no need to drive all the way to the Land of Enchantment; you'll just need to make your way to 1345 E. 6th Street in the Arts District.

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