Breezy Knees Rule the No Pants Subway Ride

The high-jinks-y event, which began in New York City, returns for another cold-shin'd outing.

Being a bit zingy, and maybe a little daft, can be a tall order for many of us as we buckle down on our day-to-day doings.

There are, of course, those people for whom "zingy" is second nature, and they're often involved with improv, which tends to attract humans with an ability for thinking outside of the box.

Or, er, the pair of trousers, at least on one chilly Sunday each year. We speak of the day when the No Pants Subway Ride happens, and zingy types leave their knees well-breezed as they take various trains in various towns.

This all started in New York City 17 years ago, courtesy of Improv Everywhere, so you could call it a new millennium phenomenon, for sure (if we can still call this millennium "new," which, given the astounding length of a millennium, let's).

The 2018 date is Sunday, Jan. 7, and, yes, this will take place around the planet, from Sweden to England, as well as in the city where the event was founded, which happens to be ankle-chappingly cold at the moment.

But it's not that chilly in Los Angeles, though rain is due the following day. And, true, we often go bare-of-leg here, thanks to our typically mild-to-balmy temperatures.

Rocking bottoms, skivvies, shorts, a skort, et cetera? A must. This is "an international celebration of silliness," not sauciness.

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