Brew at the LA Zoo: Critters + Craft Beers

Over 50 breweries'll be on the grounds of the animal park in early August.

The official August gemstone is the peridot, while poppy is the symbolic flower. And while other traditional signs of the eighth month, from birds to trees, fill out our calendars and etiquette books, one would be challenged to find the official liquid refreshment for the year's hottest stretch.

Really, it's an answer that depends upon who is seeking out the liquid refreshment.

For the animals of the Los Angeles Zoo, a splashy puddle, a cool-down pool, or a bowl filled with lap-it-up H2O all would qualify as August-ready liquids, but for we humans? We might first suggest liquids that can go in a glass, like iced tea, lemonade, and beer.

If "beer" sprung first to mind for you, as a classic hot August enjoyment, and the notion of seeing beasties keeping it cool, and cute, at the zoo also tempts, then consider adding Friday, Aug. 4 to your go-out calendar.

That's the night of Brew at the LA Zoo, an event that'll draw over 50 craft breweries to the grounds of the Griffith Park animal park.

Tastings from outfits like San Fernando Brewing Co., Angel City Brewery, Kinetic Brewing Company, and Golden Road are on the docket, and nearby? Vittles for purchase, including barbecue, nachos, and beer brats.

The local residents, too, are part of the night, though they'll stay tucked up in their habitats for the most part. You'll be see the flamingos and fishies and other furry, fin-rocking locals, while keepers will be out with lil' critters presenting meet-and-greet educational talks.

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Bands, too — four of them, in fact — will provide the soundtrack to the soiree.

It's the 7th annual outing for this once-a-year party, which is part of the ongoing series of 50th Anniversary ZooLAbration events in 2017.

No doubt about it, people like to sip a brew on a warm August night under the stars and fairly near the koalas, which means that five Brews have sold out in the past.

Could it happen to the 2017 Brew at the LA Zoo? A sold-out event, well in advance of the night? Well, we earthlings do like to find refreshment on a warm summer day, whether that's a flamingo splashing in water or a human sipping a stout sample but a short stroll away from where the flamingo is splashing.

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