Brewery ArtWalk: It's Big and It's Free

It's open studio time at the downtown complex.

"The just one more" concept has been liberally applied to all things edible, as in "I'll just have one more potato chip" or "only another caramel and I'm out" and "this is the very last French fry I eat and then I'm through, through, through."

But let us also thumbtack it to spectacular outings that have size, even outrageous sprawl. You want to do one more thing, see one more sight, just one more, just one. Mind-growing experiences are just as tempting as salty snack foods.

The Brewery ArtWalk understands you, totally. It's free -- that's free to get in and free to park, so woot woot to double money-savingness -- and it is big. As in large. As in you'll wander through the studios, and occasionally the homes, of over a hundred artists who live in the industrial, old-brew factory complex that's just off the 5 Freeway downtown.

You see where we're going with the "just one more" idea. If you've wandered thirty art studios, or forty, you can start to say to your friends, or yourself, "I need to see one more, just one, and then I'm out."

And then an entire day has passed, with pleasure, the pleasure of seeing a wide spectrum of art. Those pleasure-having days, this go-around, are Saturday, April 25 and Sunday, April 26.

Paintings, sculptures, videos, performances, photography, drawings and beyond fill out the Brewery ArtWalk, which unfurls twice a year. If there's a type of art that floats your boat, bet someone within the complex has it. So much has it. How so much? The Brewery is billed as "the world's largest art complex." Large industrial buildings dot the expansive grounds, and within them, art styles and many ideas grow.

And people reside, too, which means you may walk through a few kitchens and front entryways to see some sculpture or textiles in the artist's den or living room.

So will you "just one more" yourself during the Brewery ArtWalk? It is so very easy to do around the time you've eyed a few dozen studios and the creative expression found within. You'll walk through just one more building, one more studio, meet one more artist, just one more...

Completing all the studios, in an in-depth way, with true time spent with each artwork and each artist, cannot be done in a day, though trying is fun.

But that's okay: There's always the Brewery ArtWalk in the fall, and then the next spring, and then the following fall, and then...

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