Brick Fest Live: Pasadena LEGO Party

Click with other fans and find inspiration over this mega two-day gathering.

The start of the school year, and the close of summer vacation, can mean a number of things for many families.

Backpacks must be spiffed up, pencils must be purchased, and all of those colorful rectangular building blocks that were hauled out in order build small-scale city in the den over the last few months? They'll need to be sorted into their proper bins.

But thinking about LEGO bricks isn't just an end-of-the-summer necessity for the legions of LEGOians who craft wondrous structures and figures from the celebrated sets. It's a year-round pursuit, and one that finds full and fantastic flower at Brick Fest Live.

The multi-city, on-the-road LEGO experience covers the iconic you-build-it toys, top to bottom, in myriad ways over a two-day to-do.

That to-do requires an out-sized space, what with all of the towers and scenes that'll click together, and the Pasadena Convention Center will serve as the spacious, LEGO-laden setting. Dates? Saturday, Aug. 27 and Sunday, Aug. 28, so stop sorting those end-of-summer LEGO projects and make for the Crown City.

On the docket: A Brick Fest Derby, where LEGO cars'll go wheel-to-wheel for glory, and the building of a "large-scale mystery floor mosaic" (attendees can join in). Inspiration Stations, a Trivia & Entertainment area, video games, and the opportunity to stock up on bricks, perhaps in some hues you've been seeking, are all part of this click-it convention.

It's $27 to attend, and Saturday has a couple of sessions to choose from, so eye all.

And, of course, LEGO is loved by all ages, and not just those returning to school this year. Still, though, those dream-big LEGO builds that seem to pop up in the summer are the province of all people who dig the bricks, and sorting, post-project, is a pleasurable necessity.

Find more inspiration for future summer builds, or for those ongoing all-year-long cityscapes/movie scenes/fictional worlds, at Brick Fest Live.

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