Brisket, Latkes, Love: SLAB's Hanukkah Package Arrives

The Festival of Lights is here, and finding a hearty holiday meal for the family is on the minds of many locals.

SLAB/Kathryn Ballay

What to Know

  • 8136 W. Third Street (pick-up only)
  • $195 (feeds four people)
  • Half brisket, latkes, matzo ball soup, more

The festive feeling in your home is palpable, the menorah is out, shined, and gracing the windowsill (or on the mantel or the center of the coffee table or in the dining room), and your family is looking forward to the next eight days and nights.

Now to the foods that add a sup-celebratory feeling to the Festival of Lights.

Do you have all of the must-have dishes in the house that you want?

How about the classic Hanukkah dinners that are delicious, filling, and serve as the cuisine-perfect complements to the menorah-close moments?

SLAB, that savory stalwart of West Third Street, can help throughout Hanukkah with your brisket-based requirements.

Make that brisket-plus, for the barbecue house has just introduced the Hanukkah Special Package, which will be available throughout the holiday.

Hanukkah begins on Dec. 10 in 2020, and the final night? It's Friday, Dec. 18.

As for what you'll find in the package?

A half brisket is the generous and juicy centerpiece, but latkes, too, will be in the spotlight.

For sure, both apple sauce and sour cream are involved, which only ups the lusciousness of the already luscious latke.

A mixed green salad, matzo ball soup, and roasted green beans (honey, shallots, and garlic add kick) fill out the rest of the menu, which has been created to feed and fill up four people.

The cost? It's $195, and you'll want to put your order in at SLAB 24 hours before you'd like to pick up your meal.

What to do, though, if you're already making your own latkes or matzo ball soup from a time-honored, super-tasty family recipe?

SLAB features brisket on its menu every day of the year, if that's really what you're searching for, and you have all the sides at home that you want.

Here's to a joyful Festival of Lights, and meaningful moments at the holiday table.

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