Bristol Farms, You're Next on the Green Chile Scene

The swanky grocery chain is not only roasting peppers at select stores; there are several in-store goodies that rock the Hatch green chile.

What to Know

  • Bristol Farms locations are roasting chiles on select August and September days
  • Look for Hatch guacamole, Hatch chicken sausages, and "about" 18 other items based on the peppers
  • Only on for a limited time

It's spicily surprising to find the Hatch green chile competing with our August-based love for corn, tomatoes, and zucchini.

And yet?

The profile of this pepper has been on the up and up and even further up in recent years, as more grocery stores and local produce companies here in California have called upon New Mexico to stock up on the hot, seed-tastic, roast-ready fruit.

A number of Southern California markets are roasting on select August Saturdays in 2019, with a few dipping into September. Bristol Farms is again on that delicious list, but, as in years gone by, the luxe chain is bringing something a bit more to the table.

What do mean by that, exactly? No more mystery: Peek inside a Bristol Farms over the last couple of weeks in August and you'll find "about 20 Hatch 'infused' items," goodies like Hatch guacamole and Hatch chicken sausage.

Oh yes, and the Hatch green chile cornbread, in case you didn't want that other delicious star of the eighth month to feel left out.

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And making that tempting loaf even tempting-ier? It's baked in-house each and every day, so you can count on the freshest of slices when you dig in after you reach your car.

Whoops, we mean "your house," of course.

Or do we? Please. You're just going to gnaw your Hatch green chile cornbread the moment you slide into the driver's seat but before you put the key in the ignition. 

And not a spicy-seeking soul would blame you.

Of course, there's be samples to taste, when you're inside the Bristol Farms, of various Hatch-y snacks, so don't dash away too fast.

And don't wait, either: "When Labor Day is nigh, the green chile goes bye" is the saying we just made up on the spot. And it is basically correct, though it is only a loose rule, given that some stores will keep the roasters lit into the second week of September.

But beyond then? The heat is off, and you'll need to wait another 11 months for your next fresh fix of the Hatchiest hot stuff this side of anywhere.

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