Broke LA: 2017 Line-up Revealed

The not-too-dear downtown music fest returns with eats, tunes, and pet adoptions.

Nine hours of music is a hefty run of tunes.

That particular length stands somewhere between a traditional evening-long concert and a weekend-big festival, time-wise, so you might expect to pay a ticket price that falls somewhere in the middle of those two types of experiences.

But alas, and au contraire, and hold your horses, and so forth: Broke LA Music & Arts Festival, which used to be called Brokechella, back in the day, with "back in the day" being a couple of years ago, still has a ticket price that ranges from $20 to $25.

We didn't forget an extra zero or two there, no sirree. The downtown, afternoon-to-midnight to-do is still one of the most inexpensive multi-act shows around, even after seven years, and it still is in April, serving as an in-city budget alternative to the mondo music festivals flowering in the deserts and other parts of the state.

Of course, Broke LA has gone beyond simply serving as an "alternative" in recent years to stand on its own, with its own character, vibe, and attributes, pet adoptions being one, but more on that in a moment.

The 2017 concert line-up was announced on Wednesday, Feb. 22. James Supercave is a headliner, and Fellow Bohemian is on the roster, and Ugly Sweaters, and dozens of other music-making outfits that'll take concert goers right from 3 in the afternoon to the wee smalls of the night (read: 12 a.m.).

The date? Saturday, April 8.

Comedy, eats, art installations, and the always humming/barking/happy Bark LA: Rescue Playground will be on the grounds of the festival's 4560 Worth Street location.

NKLA is a partner, and you could meet a cuddly new pal while there, so stop by and maybe/perhaps fall madly, dogly in love.

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'Tis nearly the season for lighter nights and alfresco shows involving guitars and percussion and a number of stages. "Nearly" is the key, though, so best be on those Broke LA tickets if an in-city fest-type spectacle for the low-low price of $25-ish is more your bag than a three-dayer. 

Or, of course, if you're doing a three-day festival later in the month, but still want to see what's going on at this, one of the avant-garde-iest, tomorrow's-sounds-iest of the music festival circuit.

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