Brownie Batter Is Now Num-ing Up Cookie Good

Been digging the cookie-batter'd treats popping up? Go to the next level in Santa Monica, brownie buffs.

What to Know

  • $6 serving
  • Egg-free
  • 2448 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica

The whole batter family, whether we're talking about a salty batter on French fries and fish, or the kind of vanilla batter that creates a cake, or the doughy stuff that eventually becomes cookies, has been having a renaissance, of sorts, in recent years.

The eat-worthy upshot?

A bunch of us just want to eat the batter part of a potential meal, without the whole what-it-is-battering end of things. Or, in the case of dessert, without ever the oven getting involved.

And restaurants, bakeries, and purveyors of avant garde edibles have been stepping up and making batter buffs' dreams come goo.

We mean "true," not "goo," of course, but given that batter is famously gooey, well, you can see our tasty trip-up there.

And if the brownie is your dream treat, Cookie Good has your num-num number.

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The Santa Monica sweet shop announced that Brownie Batter is now a thing you can request, purchase, and devour, in that order, as of Monday, Oct. 8.

Are there eggs in it?

That's probably the first question many fudgie fans would ask. "Nope," is the answer. The flour is heat-treated, too, if inquiring about that is your second question.

The cost is six bucks, and the dish that holds the spoonable confection?

It's a cookie waffle cone, as it probably should be. For let's be honest: Once you start biting into brownie batter, you'll probably want to keep on biting, right through to the bowl.

Are there toppings, too, if you like your brownie batter to come with a bit of extra fair? Indeed, so inquire about crushed Nutter Butter cookies, rainbow sprinkles, and more.

So, will the edible batter trend ever be, well, over-cooked? 

Given the numerous places trying out versions of batter-y vittles, we can count on this cuisine quirk to stick around, like a yummy gloop of batter on the hand or apron of a baker.

Batter up, brownie buffs!

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