Brushes Meet Canvases, Quickly, at Art Battle LA

Watch paintings comes together before your eyes, then bid on them at a silent auction.

What to Know

  • Wednesday, Aug. 14
  • Exchange LA
  • $25 general admission

No one, and we mean not a single soul, likes anyone looking over their shoulder while an important task is underway.

Well, there are asterisks to this assertion, of course, such as when a very helpful and knowledgeable person is present to assist the process and offer support, comfort, and cheer.

Otherwise? Nope, get out, get away, step off, bye, bye, and bye.

And yet?

The talented creators at the center of an Art Battle are just fine with a fine arts-oriented evening that finds a bunch of strangers in attendance.

In fact, that is one of the main themes of this on-the-road happening, which returns to Southern California every now and again: Putting on a painting display, with consideration of the clock, before a rapt audience.

That isn't an easy feat for the competitors, knowing that several pairs of eyes are on your canvas as your picture begins to form. And, yes, that your fellow competitors are painting just a few feet from where you stand, as you paint, too.

Ready for these particularly quirky and creatively cool thrills?

Art aficionados, be at Exchange LA on Wednesday, Aug. 14 for the latest Art Battle LA.

What can you expect once there? Look for "3 fast-paced rounds of live painting," and then look to cast your vote for the winner.

Whatever artwork is chosen, be happy, for all of the pieces will go to silent auction. Meaning if you loved another landscape or portrait seen on the stage, you could go home with it, if you make the right bid.

A general admission ticket is $25, and Fredrix Artist Canvas is the sponsor. As far as the special guest performer of the night? Feliks of @colorbyfeliks will be in the house.

Are you a painter? Do you love painters? Or perhaps you have an aspiring artist in the house?

Consider Art Battle LA to be a more public twist on the creative process, one that is all about a whole bunch of people looking over various shoulders.

It can make our own times of solitude, and quiet creation, all the more meaningful, as we ponder the pressure and excitement the brush-wielding virtuosos must be feeling as they share their soul, via colors and a canvas, before a watchful crowd.

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