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Discovery Cube OC's Beloved Bubblefest Is Back

Science gets simultaneously soapy and spectacular at the Santa Ana educational museum, starting in early July.

Discovery Cube OC

What to Know

  • Santa Ana
  • July 2-18, 2021
  • Deni Yang's amazing Mega Bubblefest Laser Show is also returning, as are activities, demos, and more

Seemingly disparate things happening simultaneously can be so satisfying, especially when the various elements seem to have little in common.

At least at first glance, of course.

One the one hand?

You might have science, which has a way of being quite spectacular, and eliciting all sorts of "wows" from anyone witnessing the wonders of physics, engineering, and the other STEM-y subjects as they take fabulous form.

On the other?

There is soap, which, initially, can seem rather humble, and even ordinary. But this truly extraordinary stuff has the power to make take-flight bubbles, the sort of free-floating orbs that brim with the allure of extreme science awesomeness.

And if you float by Discovery Cube OC from July 2-18, you'll witness soapy science in spectacularly simultaneous action, thanks to the highly anticipated return of Bubblefest.

The Santa Ana educational museum has become well-known for this wondrous event, which includes a number of super-cool components. (For sure, "super-cool," has a descriptive term, is always up for debate, but when it comes to shimmery, totally round ships of soap, riding the breeze, it fits.)

And now Bubblefest is back and bubbly as ever, from July 2 through 18, 2021.

The happy headline?

The Mega Bubblefest Laser Show, helmed by artist Deni Yang, is on the schedule. But do note: While there are multiple shows on the schedule, they have always sold out quicker than a bubble pops when it meets a blade of grass, a tree branch, or your pointer finger.

Look also for bubble-themed exhibits and demonstrations, a host of ethereal activities, and "Me in a Bubble," a photo-fun opportunity that's available for an additional fee.

And you bet: Those bubble drum stations, which have proven to delight kids' love of both creative drumming and making bubbles, will return.

Feeling lighter-than-air, or at least looking toward lighter days, as July floats nearer? Drift to Discovery Cube OC's site now to secure your ticket to Bubblefest, a summertime staple that quirkily combines soap and science to spectacular result.

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