Bubblefest: Sudsy OC Bash Returns

Kids can create soapy works of art or even stand inside a big bubble, at the Discovery Cube.

Discovery Cube

How long does a soap bubble, one that's riding the breeze or catching a gentle current of air, last?

We can leave it to the philosophers, dreamers, and soap-studying experts to nail that probably unnailable answer down, but suffice it to say it will be on the shorter side. (Such is a soap bubble's ephemeral, enjoy-it-now charm.)

Second question, however: How long does Bubblefest last?

That, dear bubble buffs, has a set-in-stone, or at least set-in-internet-font, answer: 16 days. For that's exactly the amount of time that the Discovery Cube Orange County, that science-loving hands-on center in Santa Ana, has scheduled one of its most popular annual events, a run that includes bubble-makery, bubble shows, and more.

Opening date is pretty perfect, as far as smile-themed holidays go: April Fools' Day. The closing date for Bubblefest is Sunday, April 16, which is Easter, and between the two? Look for a string of sudsy days full of iridescent, float-fun to-dos.

A Bubble Courtyard, a Bubble Zone, and other spots to try and make perfect, and perfectly clear, little orbs of soap-mazing magic, may be found around the Discovery Cube, should bubble creation be your kid's main goal.

There's also, though, the very well-attended Mega Bubblefest Laser Show, too, starring bubble pro Deni Yang. Look also for the "Me in a Bubble" option, which is just exactly what it sounds like. There's an additional charge for that, but if your tot has daydreamed about standing inside a shimmery tube of bubbly brevity, for a moment, this would be the way.

Like the Science of Gingerbread and Spooky Science, two other yearly returners to the Discovery Cube calendar, Bubblefest has its must-visit devotees, the families who are back, again and again, to enjoy the shimmery light created by a drifting spec of lather.

A drifting spec of lather that has loads of science to it, of course, and not just magic and beauty.

It's a springtime tradition 'round Santa Ana, for over two decades now. So best board your own bubble, or vehicle, rather, and float for the much-loved 16-day bubble-tacular.

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