Bug Out Over Mealworm- and Cricket-Topped Ice Cream

Salt & Straw's October Spooktacular ice cream series makes its chilling, chilly debut.

What to Know

  • Salt & Straw
  • Oct. 5-31
  • Five frightful flavors for the Halloween season

Chilly: Something that's on the cooler or brisk side.

Chilling: Something that's spooky or prone to making the spine tingle.

Salt & Straw's October Spooktacular series: A luscious line-up of ice cream flavors that can be described as both chilly, as ice cream is wont to be, and chilling, thanks to some of the offbeat ingredients and the treats' haunting names.

Are you up for a dessert that has a dash of the dastard?

Can you do a scoop of ice cream that, yes, has a touch of porcine blood in it?

And how do you feel about real mealworms and crickets adding crunch to each soft spoonful you eat?

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These are the haunting questions you'll want to ponder as you head to your local Salt & Straw, starting on Friday, Oct. 5.

For in addition to the started-in-Portland, now-all-over-(ish)-LA ice-creamery's classic roster of flavors, there are five frightful picks to order, if you dare.

Essence of Ghost is making its return, and if you missed the "ghoulish grey sherbet combined with black cocoa ice cream for a bitter, sweet and slightly smoky finish," wail not; the wraith-themed dessert is back.

Other tempting and lightly terrifying choices include Mummy's Pumpkin Spiced Potion, The Great Candycopia, Dracula's Blood Pudding (Yes, this is based on a "classic Italian-inspired blood pudding"), and Creepy Crawly Critters.

That last flavor's name is not simply for show, nope. If you pick this flavor, you'll be enjoying "... matcha ice cream spiked with zesty orange + dark chocolate-covered crickets and coconut toffee brittle mealworms from Don Bugito," an edible insect outfit from Oakland.

These weird scoops o' spooky sweetness won't haunt the scoop shops forever, so best float by a Salt & Straw, in Venice, the Arts District, or another local location, before October screams away.

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