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Build a Coaster and More Cool Stuff at This ‘Physics Forest'

Kidspace Children's Museum recently reopened after a short closure, with plenty of imaginative outdoor pursuits for families to enjoy.

Kidspace Children's Museum

What to Know

  • Kidspace Children's Museum in Pasadena (near Rose Bowl Stadium)
  • $14.95; $12.95 seniors; children age 1 and younger admitted free; tickets are timed and buying in advance is recommended
  • Find several outdoor activities, including the Arroyo Adventure, around the 3.5-acre campus

Ask a young person about their ultimate theme park attraction, the sort of track-based adventure that zooms, twists, and boasts oodles of thrilling moments, and you might hear the word "loop" a lot, or "upside down," or the sort of fanciful ideas that children naturally and admirably possess.

But the chance to build their own coaster?

That doesn't really happen, ever, beyond suggesting that an aspiring engineer put pencil to paper.

But there is a local place where their coaster-cool visions can take on an added dimension, as they place different track pieces together, creating an imagination-fueled attraction: Kidspace Children's Museum.

For the Rose Bowl-close institution happens to possess a wondrous corner called the Physics Forest, which not only includes a build-a-coaster area, but several spots that are all about deepening a kid's understanding of how the world works, and, more importantly, what the world can become with a bit of brain-powered can-do.

This unusual forest "... puts science into motion with a 12 hands-on, interactive exhibits that explore concepts such as levers and pulleys, trajectory, and momentum."

It's part of the expansive outdoor area at the museum, which is located in a leafy part of Brookside Park.

Which means that, for sure, there are other under-the-sky experiences to enjoy while at Kidspace, including Arroyo Adventure.

Grown-ups are encouraged to show with a fresh set of clothes for their kids, and a towel, too, because there might be a marvelously "messy" dimension to this exploratory area, which includes water, rocks, and a number of natural elements.

The Kidspace campus unfurls over 3.5 acres, giving families craving a delightful day of play outdoors, a day that includes loads of learning opportunities, plenty to try out.

Trike Tracks, Splash Dance Fountains, and other gleeful goings-on draw youngsters seeking sun and fun.

Buying a timed ticket in advance? You'll want to do that, and you'll want to check out the museum's safety policies before you go.

Kidspace had closed for part of January 2022, a response to the pandemic, but the museum recently reopened in time for the warm winter afternoons we're seeing as the first month concludes.

Spend one of those sunny afternoons outdoors, as your tot builds a coaster, strolls along a rope bridge, or savors the oh-so-splashy Arroyo Adventure (just don't forget that towel).

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