Bulldog Beauty Contest: Enter Now

A host of pups, Bulldogs and beyond, will compete for prizes and kisses in Long Beach.

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show will trot into Madison Square Garden, and, simultaneously, into our hearts, in just a matter of days.

But there is a place, right here in Southern California, where you yourself can trot, should you want to encounter a wide assortment of snarfly, sweet-faced, wiggly-of-rear-end tail-waggers.

It might not fully possess the pomp and circumstance of the 140-year-old New York City-based competition, but it will rock plenty of pup and circumstance, and, sometimes, that's all a Lassie lover requires.

It's the National Bulldog Beauty Contest, a light-of-heart happening that actually includes multiple canine contests. On the prize table? Gift certificates and blue ribbons (plus "bragging rights" and certificates for the winners). Your $10 entry fee? It helps out dog adoption, spaying and neutering efforts, and community-minded projects.

Organizer Justin Rudd, of the Haute Dog Howl'oween Parade and other dogly to-dos, has long been a locally famous bulldog buff, so the wrinkly-snouted sweethearts get a spotlight, but so do a host of other hounds.

And you can enter yours, now, ahead of the Sunday, Feb. 12.

The spot for the Spots and their annual showdown? Marine Stadium in Long Beach. The categories, and these go for all sorts of pups, and not just bulldogs? Best ears, best tail, best small dog, best large dog, and best smile (just to name a few).

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Mutts and corgis also get some specific attention, too, if you're a mutt maven or a supporter of the rompy, wee-leg'd loves.

If you're looking for a playful new pal, and don't have a friend to enter, consider stopping by the adoption fair, which will cover dogs and cats alike.

For sure: Costumes are a thing, as they are at many of the Haute Dog gatherings. They aren't a requirement, but if you have a photo-fun outfit for your furry one, feel free to bring it along, or dress him up before your get to the Long Beach barker bash.

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