Bushes (and Ice Cream Cones) Are Bursting With Berries

Been thinking of going the pick-your-own route as July comes to a close? You can. Or you can head to Salt & Straw for berry bliss in dessert form.

Salt & Straw

What to Know

  • Berry picking is open at Underwood Family Farms
  • Moorpark and Somis (check the PYO calendars to make sure the type of berry you're seeking is available at the location you're headed)
  • Salt & Straw has a berry-themed ice cream series on through July

You can't spell July without the letters J, U, L, and Y, and you can't talk about July without delving into its ripest, burstingest, and most delicious fruit pleasures.

For we're inside a month that is known for all kinds of off-the-bush, from-the-vine, oh-so-healthful goodies, from tomatoes to cucumbers to all sorts of squashes.

But for berry buffs, late July is only about one zingy thing: The small orbs or seed-covered knobs that are filled with juice, sweetness, flavor, and outright, undeniable panache.

There are ways to pick-your-own right now, as August comes into view, at places like Underwood Family Farms in Moorpark and Somis (Somis is the spot for blueberries, do note, while both locations offer PYO blackberries and strawberries).

Checking the calendar, to see if berry-picking is available, before you go, and what sort of berries are available to be picked once you arrive?

Smart. Here's where you start.

If you prefer your berries, though, to arrive enclouded in creamy ice cream, there are dessert-ready destinations dotting our region, the sort of places that regularly incorporate a variety of berries in almost everything they make.

That's quite true at Salt & Straw as the seventh month winds down, for "berries" are the theme for the boutique ice cream company's July calendar.

The Berries Series includes flavors like Birthday Cakes and Blackberries, oh yum, and Goat Cheese Marionberry Habañero, oh sweet heat. But there are others, and you can explore them all right here.

This is all berry exciting, which is even more "very" than very exciting, as any berry-loving fan will tell you.

Are you looking to enjoy your scoops at home? There are pints to go, and they're available for shipping, too.

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