Butterbeer Ice Cream Materializes at Wizarding World

Your summoning spells have worked: The magical treat just debuted at Universal Studios Hollywood.

What to Know

  • The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  • Universal Studios Hollywood
  • Find it at Three Broomsticks and various Hogsmeade carts

A favorite food or beverage, the sort of delectable we daydream about, the sort of sweet or savory we rhapsodize over, the kind of yummy treat we yearn for, posseses a rather nice knack of assuming several different forms.

Sure, your go-to goodie may have once started out as something singular and specific, but if this edible's popularity grew over time, so too did the various versions and gourmet guises it easily assumed.

Take Butterbeer, for example, that sippable, creamy delight found inside The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood.

The drink, which tastes as though the world's butteriest butterscotch candy melted then cooled, started off as a chill-down favorite on warm Universal City days.

Then, the holidays arrived, and so did the toastier version of Butterbeer, and people wrapped their hands around the cups and pretended they were at Hogwarts on a particularly snowy day. (Well, maybe some people did, as in maybe us.) And hot Butterbeer came to stay.

There's even a frozen Butterbeer, when the sun is feeling especially intense and you require a spell for beating the heat in lickety-split fashion. And Butterbeer Fudge and Butterbeer Potted Cream are two more choices, when you haven't quite Butterbeer'd enough.

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But Butterbeer, like many mystical characters found in the Harry Potter universe, hasn't yet assumed its final form, and it continues to shapeshift in strange and spectacular ways.

The drink's latest and most lickable identity?

It's now an ice cream, and it's now available at Three Broomsticks, and the carts around Hogsmeade inside Wizarding World, and all of our "now"-ing can correctly lead you to assume you can enjoy it right now, with your entry to Universal Studios Hollywood and the money to purchase a scoop or two.

No wand is required for summoning a quick description: It's a hard-pack ice cream, "(r)eminiscent of butterscotch and shortbread," and it will be a must for any Butterbeer buff looking to be a completist, as far as trying all of the available takes on the treat. 

So many magical beings and experiences and sights and creatures have materialized in the pages of J.K. Rowling's books, and in the films based on the books.

But how does one make ice cream materialize from a popular beverage?

It's as easy as visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and calling upon an enchanted spot, one that's serving the just-debuted Butterbeer Ice Cream.

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