Bye Pie: Trejo's Has Your Thanksgiving Doughnuts

Pumpkin pie custard and apple fritters are some of the flavors on the fall line-up.

What to Know

  • Monday, Nov. 25 through Sunday, Dec. 1 (closed Thanksgiving Day, which is Nov. 28)
  • Filled doughnut with pumpkin pie custard and nutmeg glaze is $3; other doughnut prices run between $2 and $3
  • 6785 Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood

Anyone who'd dare to pick a fight with a pie person better prepare for some really crusty behavior.

Such a fight-picker might even get... panned. 

But we're not looking for the pie pans to fly nor for any crusty comebacks at the moment, for we're stepping gingerly into the tetchy territory of Thanksgiving dessert preferences.

People really do dig their silky pumpkin and crunchy pecan pies, but truth? There is bound to be someone at your Thanksgiving dinner who'd vote for a doughnut instead.

Or a couple of someones.

This is Southern California, where we take the doughnut-based arts as seriously as a gravy maven takes his lumps.

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We're grateful, then, in this season of gratitude that there is a place in town actually making Thanksgiving-themed doughnuts.

It's Trejo's Coffee and Donuts, on Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood, and they'll be baking a few specialties from Thanksgiving Monday through to the Sunday after the holiday. 

Note: The shop will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, so plan ahead if you want your treats to be pre-Turkey Day.

The flavors? The big gotta-get-it will surely be the filled doughnut, the one with the nutmeg glaze and pumpkin pie custard.

But a confection-strong contender? The shop's brand-new apple fritters.

And a pair of doughnuts rocking fall-fun sprinkles will also be on the limited-time menu, including a raised buttermilk glaze and a raised doughnut dark chocolate glaze.

Yum x 4. 

Is it too pie-in-the-sky to dream of arriving at Friendsgiving with a dessert that isn't baked inside a round crust? 

But is still round? Save for the fritter, for fritters are almost never round but rather fritter-shaped?

You can do it, if you put your mind to it.

Just stop at Trejo's Coffee and Donuts before Thanksgiving Day, or pick up some post-Thanksgiving treats for yourself the following weekend.

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