Valentine's Day

Cafe Gratitude Has Plant-Based Valentine's Cookie Kits

Decorate delicious delights at home. The sweets? They're gluten-free, and arrive with four fun frostings in tow.

Cafe Gratitude

What to Know

  • Available through Feb. 14
  • $25 plus shipping; pick-up available, too
  • Nine already baked cookies and four frostings included

Paper valentines that you can cover with stickers and sparkly ink and photos and glue that glows in the dark and bits of confetti and a thousand other gewgaws?

Beyond adorable. Totally save-able. Clear some space on the front of the fridge, because you're going to want to display such treasures forever.

But let us not forget that envelope-based valentines have cute competition each February. And those competitors? You can find them in the cookie jar.

For decorated sweets, the kind you can eat after admiring, are also at the heart of the hearts-y holiday.

If baking isn't your bag, though, be cheered: Cafe Gratitude has an at-home Valentine's Day Cookie Kit for those who just love to decorate, gift, and/or devour Valentine's Day desserts.

The nine plant-based cookies are all free of gluten, and there are four made-in-house frostings, too.

If you also surmised both the cookies and frostings are free of food coloring, you'd be correct.

The price is $25 plus shipping if you'd like the kit shipped, but if you prefer to gather your goodie box in person, you can choose the date you'll pick up your kit.

Does decorating nine nice cookies preclude you from creating paper cards, too, that express your emotion?

Of course not. Valentine's Day is one of the craftiest of annual occasions, meaning we can make time to create paper greetings in addition to decorating those sweets we can eat.

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