Café Gratitude Is Shipping New Plant-Based Cookie Kits

Decorate a variety of cute and Christmassy shapes alongside the family this season.

Café Gratitude

What to Know

  • $25 for nine gingerbread cookies and three home-made frostings
  • Pre-ordering is open; shipping begins Dec. 1, 2020
  • The cookies and toppings are organic and gluten-free

You say that you haven't seen the rolling pin all year and you're not sure if you ever got the cookie sheet back, the one you loaned to a friend last Christmas?

Don't fret that your frosting-slathered baking dreams are all for naught in 2020.

Cookie kits are reigning during this stay-close-to-home season, and some ready-to-decorate boxes, boxes that are made locally, are brimming with organic, gluten-free bites.

Look to Café Gratitude, the plant-based powerhouse that incorporates a moving message of the season in its very name.

Even if you've never been to one of the local organically centered eateries, which are well-known for creatively named dishes ("I Am Calm," "I Am Vibrant") and earthy ingredients, you know that any nummies they make will follow the company's plant-focused principles.

And the nine cookies and "three home-made natural frostings" found inside the new $25 Christmas Cookie Kits do.

"The cookies are plant-based and gluten-free, made with the highest quality ingredients and 100% organic products, free of artificial colorings and shortening," shared the company.

"Honoring the company's philosophy and values and their commitment to planet earth, the packaging is biodegradable and eco-friendly to encourage and reduce our footprint on earth."

You can pre-order now for a December arrival. In fact, the kits begin to head to homes starting on Dec. 1, meaning you could be decorating and noshing soon after the month begins.

And, for sure: If you'd like to treat family across the country to this oh-so-SoCal confection, one that arrives with a creative spin, here's sweet news: It can be shipped anywhere in the nation.

Cookie kits are giving us some kitchen-y comfort as 2020 winds down.

Even if we don't feel like entering full baking mode, we can still engage in the festive pursuits of the season, like decorating a gingerbread tree we'll soon devour without a bit of guilt.

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