Candy-Filled Eggs Rule Kidspace's Popular Hunt

Families will definitely want to pre-register for a hunt before hopping to the Pasadena children's museum.

What to Know

  • March 24 and 31, 2018
  • Kidspace Children's Museum
  • Pasadena

We're not even being bunny, er, funny when we claim the following: There's an element of delightful, "I found one, I found one!" surprise when it comes to an Easter egg hunt.

One minute, you're peeking under a chair, or a shrub, and then you see it: A colorful orb, covered in stickers, just within reach of your hand.

But let us briefly do away with any surprise or moments of sudden discovery, and this is why: You will want to pre-register your child for the oh-so-popular Kidspace Children's Museum Egg Hunt.

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No surprises, no seeing what you find: Registration is as essential as a hare's ears are long.

How popular is this yearly sweet-natured search?

It happens over two Saturdays, making for some fairly full days. Those days in 2018 are Saturday, March 24 and Saturday, March 31, which means your tot can hop in the direction of Easter fun a whole week before the holiday arrives (or the day before).

Registration is $6 per child. It's "required," as mentioned, firmly, just a few sentences ago, so make like a rabbit and hop fast to the registration link.

Do keep in mind that all guests of the Rose Bowl-close museum will need to have a paid admission, whether they participate in the hunt or not (so, yes, that six dollars is in addition to the admission price).

The place to look for "hundreds of candy-filled eggs"? Around the museum's beautiful Arroyo Adventure.

There are a number of hunts for the 4 & under group, the 5 & over group, and all ages. Just check the times, before you register, and, of course, before you and the fam head over.

But the search for small colorful orbs packed with treats isn't the only sweetness on the schedule. A chance to pet a real bunny, thanks to the Bunny World Foundation, is hoppening, as are art-making opportunities.

And learning the bunny hop before you go? That is an awesome skill to take on, one that can be readily displayed at parties and family gatherings for years to come.

Maybe even next week, at Easter, when the relatives stop by for brunch, and your kid regales them with tales of finding eggs at one of the coolest kidly museums around.

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