Caramel Fountain Now Drizzling in East Hollywood

Pastry chef Justin Chao's new shop has opened.

What to Know

  • 5158 Hollywood Blvd.
  • Thursdays through Saturdays
  • noon to 5 p.m.

Walk through the door of any special event and your eyes are bound to beeline right to a specific sight: The grand chocolate fountain, sitting in the middle of the ballroom or conference space, awaiting anyone who is wielding a sadly un-chocolate'd strawberry or marshmallow.

Those goodies won't remain un-chocolate'd for long, not in the presence of a chocolate fountain. It's a device that's weathered confection-based trends over the decades, one that still brings a lot of dazzle and flash to whatever fancy event it gooeily graces.

But the chocolate fountain must step aside — or is that ooze aside? — for a new contender in town: The caramel fountain currently starring at Justin Chao's new East Hollywood confectionary, Le Bon Garçon.

You know the pastry chef's posh caramels, if you've read O (they've appeared in a past gift guide in Oprah's magazine), but pop-one-in-your-mouth chewies are just the beginning at the dessert-focused destination.

There is, yes, a caramel fountain to behold, a drippy, liquid-luscious caramel delivery systems that's all about the freshly made sweet.

You can also go the caramel-filled waffle route, if that's your pleasure, or go with a non-traditional caramel flavor, such as matcha, yuzu, or lemon elderflower. There are seven caramel flavors in all to choose from.

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Coming up? Caramel-making classes, oh yeah. The space feels breezily Parisian, but before you swing by, note that current open days run from Thursdays through Saturdays.

More days and hours are to come, which might be expected of a place that's offering people the chance to enjoy caramel direct from a caramel fountain.

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