‘Cars' to Vroom Into the Rose Bowl Drive-In

The Disney Pixar characters regularly race inside stadiums; now you can check out the beloved film at an actual stadium, while inside your own car.

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What to Know

  • Saturday, Sept. 5
  • 3:30 p.m. doors; 4:30 p.m. start
  • $35 per car

If the perfect setting can really enhance a film-watching experience, where would you choose to view "Cars," the 2006 Disney Pixar gem that is about, you know where we're going here, cars?

You'd watch the film while sitting inside your own car, of course.

And that's going to happen for many fans, on Saturday, Sept. 5 when the Rose Bowl Drive-In presents the ever-popular, kids-love-it, grown-ups-know-all-the-lines legend of a kids' movie.

In a word? Ka-Chow!

But here's something else to consider: Stadiums also figure prominently in the "Cars" universe, from charming Rustbucket Stadium to the massively sized Motor Speedway of the South.

And while the real-life Pasadena landmark is better known for hosting football championships and mega concerts nowadays, it is indeed a stadium, and a venue that has seen some vroom-vroom racing back in the day.

Making the joy of sitting inside your car, while at a stadium, while watching "Cars" something special.

And here's something else special: A $35 ticket will cover your car for the event, in old-school drive-in fashion.

So tell the kids to jump into their pjs, or maybe some cool clothes, as Sept. 5'll be as toasty as a hot tailpipe.

The summer season is fading as quickly as a car driving into the sunset, but this family-fun outing has all of the summer-style nostalgic hallmarks: A movie the kids dig, a stadium you adore, and a chance to savor a fun-spirited film on a very warm day.

Everything revs up well before sundown, do note, with doors opening at 3:30 in the afternoon, vroom vroom.

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