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"Ferrari Guy" Returns to Jail in Sweden



    "Ferrari Guy" Returns to Jail in Sweden
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    The remains of a Ferrari Enzo that crashed in Malibu.

    The fast-driving Swede who made headlines by crashing a rare Ferrari on a California highway three years ago has been arrested in his home country on suspicion of theft, assault and extortion.

    Not just any "Ferrari Guy" -- an "Enzo Ferrari Guy."

    Stefan Eriksson was deported to Sweden last year after serving a prison sentence in the United States, where he had pleaded no contest to charges of drunken driving, embezzlement and illegal gun possession.

    He became known as the "Ferrari Guy" after crashing a $1.5 million Ferrari Enzo against a pole at 162 mph in the wealthy beach town of Malibu in 2006.

    Swedish prosecutors now say he's suspected on seven counts, including attempted extortion and aggravated assault. The Uppsala district court granted a request Thursday to keep him in jail pending an investigation.