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Free Parking Ends for Hybrids in LA



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    One perk of driving a hybrid vehicle in the city of Los Angeles -- free parking -- will come to an end next month, under action taken Tuesday by the Los Angeles City Council.

    Almost a year ago, the council approved an ordinance allowing drivers with a state Clean Air Vehicle decal on their vehicle to park at city meters at no cost. Less than a week after that approval, however, the council moved to reconsider the issue in light of the city's financial problems.

    The council unanimously agreed to eliminate free parking for drivers of Toyota Prius, Honda Civic Hybrid, Honda Insight or Ford Escape Hybrid models -- a privilege in place for four years -- on March 1.

    The move could generate an additional $300,000 in parking meter revenue, according to the Los Angeles Department of Transportation.

    Hybrid vehicle owners who park at meters during the month of February will be given written notices about the end of free parking.

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