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Love-Craft Converts Veggie Oil to Fuel



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    Say you have a habit of putting odd things in bizarre places. Think about the last time you left the TV remote in the freezer next to the ice cream. Well get this, if you happen to stick some leftover vegetable oil in the old diesel gas tank you can actually drive on it! Well kind of…

    We found a shop right here in LA called Love-Craft who will take your naughty environment hating Diesel and make it an eco-friendly veggie burning love-bug. Talk about turning the frown upside down, this is really the same oil you use to make Mickey-D’s french fries and $1 China Food Express noodles.

    To veggie-out your ride Love-Craft provides a giant test tube looking conversion kit. The main component filters your choice of fuel that is diesel, bio-diesel and or veggie oil. Yet another two-for-one feature is the veggie filter recycles the heat from your car engine to help power the device components.

    Love-Craft attaches your radiator and fuel lines and throws in an additional booster pump for the tough stuff. A couple screws under the hood and you got a veggie-loving whip. This device might not impress a date and is no “Mr. Fusion” from Back to the Future II but will definitely save you money and sexy Mother Earth.

    My only concern is this veggie oil fuel system gives you more than a good excuse to visit the neighborhood fast food grease pit for a fill-up. Could saving gas money be connected to mysteriously gaining weight? Time will only tell.