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150 mph Motorcycle Unveiled in SF

Prototype looks to set speed records for all-electric motorcycles.



    150 mph Motorcycle Unveiled in SF
    The Mission One won't make a sound -- except for the police siren when you get pulled over for speeding.

    The popular image of American motorcycling is dominated by huge, noisy Harley Davidsons. The sleek, silent design of the Mission Motors chopper unveiled at the Technology, Entertainment and Design conference in Long Beach today could change that.

    While basically a giant lithium-ion battery with two wheels, the curvy Mission One prototype is expected to run for 150 miles on a two hour charge, with a top speed of 150 miles per hour -- a speed which blows away existing electric motorcycle standards and is competitive with world class sportbikes that run on gasoline.

    Probably because the founders built their first working all-electric bike by stripping the engine from a Ducati at a garage in San Francisco's Mission district.

    Mission Motors plans to compete in the TTXGP, an all-electric motorcycle race on England's Isle of Man help in June.

    Filling up your bike with juice will cost around $2 in California, according to the company's estimate. However, you'll have to do a lot of riding to make up for the cost of the bike itself -- the first fifty may sell for $68,995 each, with delivery promised in 2010.

    Assuming they do deliver. Founder Forrest North formerly worked at Tesla Motors, which is having trouble filling orders and cancelled plans for a factory near San Jose.

    Freelance writer Jackson West can't wait to see this chopper in a chase scene.