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Used Cars for Right Price in Wrong Place

You can find a good deal on a used car, but does it have to be on Los Feliz Boulevard?



    You can find a good deal on a used car in Los Feliz.

    And, that's the problem.

    Cars with For Sale signs in the window have been a problem for years on Los Feliz Boulevard. The east-west route just south of Griffith Park is often jammed during afternoons, creating headaches for anyone living in one of the many apartments between Vermont Avenue and the 5 Freeway.

    The street lacks the comforts of a dealership showroom, but it's a great location if you're a used car seller looking to place your vehicle in front of potential buyers. Especially if those buyers aren't afraid to stop on a busy street and check out the goods as traffic streams past.

    So Who's Selling All Those Cars on Los Feliz Boulevard?

    [LA] So Who's Selling All Those Cars on Los Feliz Boulevard?
    Could one man be behind the problem?
    (Published Friday, Nov. 5, 2010)

    Residents told NBCLA that many of the cars are being sold by the same man. A man who said his name was "Salvador" was seen washing three different vehicles Thursday.

    The signs on the cars had the same handwriting with the claim, "Clean Title." The signs had different phone numbers.

    So NBCLA's Cary Berglund called one of the numbers. A woman who answered said her husband should "be right there."

    At first, "Salvador" said he did not speak English. Then, in English, he said he only has one car for sale.

    State and local officials are introducing measures designed to alleviate congestion caused by the parked cars.

    "Unfortunately, Los Feliz Boulevard has become a de facto used car lot,” Councilman Tom LaBonge told the Los Feliz Ledger. "It’s a traffic corridor, and (the practice) is blocking the many residents of the apartments."

    Last month, LaBonge requested a report from the city attorney regarding an ordinance to solve the problem. Assemblyman Mike Gatto also has taken up the issue.

    "We have to deal with the state vehicle code, and the DMV establishes that through the state legislature," LaBonge said.

    According to the Ledger

    The efforts are being made to crack down on what many suspect is a small group of individuals who park cars for several city blocks and sell them. Residents, city and state officials believe that the sales are illegal.

    “Research indicates that these are all people who flip cars for a living,” said Gatto. “They buy a car, then don’t pay the fees to reregister,” then transfer the registration from the person from whom they bought the vehicle to the new owner.

    What about your neighborhood? Tell us below about problems you've seen with used cars for sale.