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Catalina's Iconic Casino Glows in Honor of Essential Workers

An Avalon structure that's synonymous with the island getaway will shine with red and white lights through the end of April.

Catalina Island Company

What to Know

  • Catalina Casino
  • The landmark's traditional white lights are now red and white
  • Through April 30

Arriving by boat at Avalon Harbor?

You're likely admiring the historic spread of buildings that line Crescent Avenue, or looking to see if you can spot the Wrigley Botanical Garden, up on the hill, or hoping you might just catch a glimpse of a flying fish or two, depending upon the time of year.

But, above all, you're looking at celebrated structure, one that is famous well beyond Catalina Island's fabled shores: The famous Catalina Casino.

It's the circular landmark, right on the water, the one that has hosted dances, parties, movies, and cultural events for over 90 years now.

To many, it is synonymous with the spirit of the island, or at least its non-nature, imagination-deep, architectural-aspirant character.

Making it the perfect place to pay tribute to those people who are inspiring so many of us right now, in the face of COVID-19: essential workers.

"The traditional white lights of the iconic Casino are now red and white to pay tribute to all essential workers providing services during this pandemic," said a statement from the Catalina Island Company.

"There are many essential workers putting their own lives at risk to serve the Avalon and Two Harbors communities, including employees from our hospital, grocery store, bank, drug store, Sheriff, fire department, taxi service, take out restaurants, and more,” said Randy Herrel, Sr., president and CEO of Catalina Island Company.

“We appreciate their dedication to keep Catalina Island functioning during this difficult time. We know they are putting their own lives at risk to serve others. We’re all in this together.”

The gratitude-filled glow will remain on, each night, through April 30, 2020.

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