Celebrate National Crème Brûlée Day With Seven Sips

Sunright Tea Studio spotlights the creamiest of occasions with a number of different drink-tastic confections.

Sunright Tea Studio

What to Know

  • National Crème Brûlée Day is Tuesday, July 27
  • Sunright Tea Studio, which has several Southern California locations (including Garden Grove, Little Tokyo, and Costa Mesa)
  • The shops are home to seven different crème brûlée beverages

Determining the creamiest of the famous food holidays?

As in, those delightful days when a drink, dessert, main course, appetizer, or snack stands tall in the national spotlight?

That really is up to the palate of the beholder, of course, and acting otherwise is an exercise in distinctly non-creamy frustration.

Clam chowder, which has its special day in late February, is mighty creamy, and chocolate mousse, a foodie favorite from early April, certainly qualifies in the ultra-creamy category, too.

But crème brûlée might just wear the national food calendar's creamy crown, for every luscious spoonful seems richer and thicker than the next.

July 27, then, just might be the creamiest day of the year, for that's when the elegant dessert, a cream-centered confection that typically comes with a sugary burnt crust and velvety undercarriage, is on the sweet centerstage.

Sunright Tea Studio, which has a number of locations around Southern California, will be celebrating the tasty Tuesday occasion by moving seven crème brûlée beverages to the flavorful foreground.

That's right, there are not one, not two, but seven sips themed to the delectable dessert at the bubble tea shop, including a Ceylon brûlée latte, a brûlée latte that boasts matcha, and an Oreo brûlée boba milk.

Oolong, jasmine, and other timeless elements star in some of the other libations on the studio's brûlée-themed menu.

But before you take that first bubble-nice draw? Sunright Tea Studio recommends shaking your drink 17 times.

The studio "... suggests this not only because it is their tried-and-true method of blending their flavors and textures perfectly, but also because they want their guests to stop and savor a happy moment— even if it is only 17 seconds long!"

Pausing 17 seconds before enjoying something that has crème brûlée cred and bubbles to boot? Call it an exercise in supreme patience, but an enjoyable one, as those 17 seconds will surely build anticipation.

And isn't anticipation what all crème brûlée buffs experience before cracking that sugary crust and sinking their spoon into the creamiest substance in the Solar System?

For more on the drinks, and the full Sunright Tea Studio menu, crack the crust and sink your spoon into this sweet site now.

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